Welcome to GamerTrainer

GamerTrainer is taking off! Check out what’s happening next!

Hey everyone! Some exciting stuff is coming around the corner for the GamerTrainer platform in February and we are
welcoming new users and trainers to take part in it. To become a trainer just follow a few quick steps.

  1. Make an account on gamertrainer.co
  2. Go to your account page and hit request trainer here

To start off February, we’ll be running a couple of promotional events to get the party started! Firstly for trainers there
will be a small competition for most lessons during the month. We’ll be rewarding the top trainer with a bonus of $100,
as well as a $50 raffle for all participants. Couple of rules for this event are as follow.

  1. Lessons must be at least $10.
  2. Students that repeat lessons only count up to 5 times!
  3. Scoring will begin on February 1st up until the last day of February.
  4. Raffle entry requires a minimum of 2 lessons.

Students this month will also receive a discount code and referral codes after their first lesson.

We look forward to working with everyone and thank you so much for your time! If you have any questions please contact
us at stephen@GamerTrainer.co or steven.cheng@gamertrainer.co